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Emphasizing Everyday Emes – Our Name

The Foundation’s name comes from the work of the Chofetz Chaim with the same name, "Sefer Sefas Tamim" (the Book of Wholesome Speech). This Sefer focuses on the importance of honesty in word and deed.  When one studies this work of the Chofetz Chaim, one gains an appreciation of the value the Torah places on everyday honesty and integrity.

Emphasizing Everyday Emes – Our Mission

The Sefas Tamim Foundation emphasizes the importance of Everyday Emes in our lives through the educational and inspirational study of Halacha, Mussar and Chizuk in the following areas:

• In Thought: being honest with ourselves.
• In Speech: keeping the commitments we make to each other.
• In Business: being honest in business and with our personal finances.

Emphasizing Everyday Emes – The Importance

1)  Gemara Brachos – Daf 55: The stamp of Hashem is Emes.
2)  Mesilas Yesharim – Perek 11: One who is careful in Emes is if he upholds the foundation of the world.
3)  Pirkai Avos – Perek 1: Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel says that the world stands on three things: Din, Emes, Shalom

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Emphasizing Everyday Emes – The Need

Rava says that the reason why Yerushalayim was destroyed was because of a lack of trustworthy people - (Gemara Shabbos 119b)

Baruch Hashem, there are organizations dedicated to Chesed, Tznius, Lashon Hara, etc. but until the founding of the Sefas Tamim Foundation, there were no organizations devoted exclusively to strengthening the value we place on Everday Emes.

Emphasizing Everyday Emes – Our Team

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Boruch Delman – Founder
Boruch Delman is the Founder of the Sefas Tamim Foundation.  He is a lifelong talmud of the Rabbinical Seminary of America / Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim.  He is also Chief Compliance Officer of HSBC Global Asset Management (USA) and has spent over two decades in the world of investment compliance. 

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Nesanel Feller – Board Member
In addition to his role with the Foundation, Mr. Feller maintains his own law practice in Lawrence, New York.  Mr. Feller has lectured extensively on behalf of the New York State Bar Association on legal topics relating to estate planning and administration and is frequently consulted in connection with ensuring halachic compliance with one's secular estate planning objectives.  He has served on the Board and as President of the White Shul in Far Rockaway, NY.

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Yossi Hoch – Board Member 

In addition to his responsibilities with the Foundation, Mr. Hoch also serves as co-Chairman of Shuvu, a network of schools in Israel serving over 5,000 children in twenty cities in Israel. Mr. Hoch was a natural choice as he was a Talmid of Rabbi Pam ZT”L, and had a longtime dedication to Shuvu.  Originally a professor of mechanical engineering, he currently serves as CEO of Park Drive Equities in Queens, New York, a company that specializes in the acquisition, management and financing of real estate. 

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Menachem Lubinsky – Board Member
Aside from his responsibilities with the Foundation, Mr. Lubinsky is also President of LUBICOM Business Consulting, which he founded in 1984 as a full-service public relations, advertising, and marketing firm.  Mr. Lubinsky is also the recognized authority on the kosher food market.  In 1989, he founded Kosherfest, the first-ever trade show for foods that are kosher certified.  Mr. Lubinsky is co-chairman of the International Committee for Har Hazeitim (Mt. of Olives) which in its 11-year existence has been responsible for the development and preservation of the 3000-year-old cemetery dating back to the prophets.

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Dovid Solomon – Board Member
In addition to his work with the Sefas Tamim Foundation, Mr. Solomon is Founder of Central Pine Capital, a multi-family investment office firm.  Mr. Solomon was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs prior to starting his own investment firm and has been a guest speaker at several ivy league schools and at numerous industry conferences.  Prior to working at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Solomon was an attorney at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

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