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Weekly Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 25

December 30, 2021; Teves 26, 5782

Halacha – Jewish Law In last week’s newsletter*, we discussed the case of a Mishnah in Bava Metziah (Perek 6) of a homeowner (“Reuvain”) who hires a worker (“Shimon”) for let’s say $100 / hour, and then later Shimon changes his mind and does not want to work for Reuvain, unless he will pay him $200 / hour. Assuming that other workers are not readily available and Reuvain would incur a financial loss (Davar Ha’Avud) if the work is not performed on time, Reuvain can deceive Shimon and agree to pay $200 / hour and then at the job’s completion, pay him $100 / hour as per the initial agreement...


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