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Weekly Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 5

May 13, 2021; Sivan 2, 5781

Halacha – Jewish Law Bringing Your Own Food into Arenas and Theaters: Some public places such as arenas and theaters have policies that prohibit patrons from bringing their own food. If you want to eat or drink at the event, you need to buy the food or drink from the arena (and often at inflated prices). Is it permissible to ignore this policy, and bring your own food anyway, perhaps hiding the food when you enter? Rabbi Yisroel Belsky ZT”L responds: The theater or arena sells you a ticket with certain conditions attached. You are paying for the use of their facilities, the use of their seat, etc. The arena sells you the ticket only on condition that you follow their rules. It is not an unreasonable condition to require you to purchase their food rather than bringing your own...


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