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Weekly Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 9

June 17, 2021; Tamuz 7, 5781

Halacha – Jewish Law Deviating from the Truth for Peace – Optional or Obligatory? Gemara Yevamos - 65b (“Yevamos”) discusses a disagreement as to whether it is permitted or possibly even required to deviate from telling the truth for the sake of peace. Rabbi Elazar rules that it is permitted. Rabbi Nassan rules that it is actually required. The Gemara concludes by citing Rabbi Yishmael who states that the preservation of peace is so great that Hashem Himself deviated from the truth. This occurred when Sarah commented that Avraham was too old to father a child. When Hashem relayed the message to Avraham, Hashem said that Sarah had said that she herself (and not Avraham) was too old to bear a child....


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