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Weekly Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 2

May 12, 2022; Iyar 11, 5782

Chizuk - Inspiration I know a family who had a premature baby that needed blood to survive. The father donated blood and the baby’s brother “Moshe” also wanted to donate blood. There was one problem. The hospital sign said that you needed to be 17 to give blood. Moshe was only 16.

“But I am in my 17th year,” Moshe said. His father responded, “That doesn’t make you 17. You can’t represent that you are 17 and give blood.” Moshe pleaded, “I know, but I am in my 17th year, let me ask my Rebbie.” The father said firmly, “You are not 17 and no Rebbie can make you 17. You will not be donating blood.”


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