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Weekly Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 1

October 22, 2022; 27 Tishrei, 5783

Parsha In this week’s Parsha, we find a fascinating Targum Yonasan (Bereishis 4:8) that elaborates on the sin of Kayin who murdered his brother Hevel. Kayin points out that his offering which was brought first was not accepted by Hashem, but Hevel’s offering which was brought after Kayin’s, was accepted. Further, it was Kayin, not Hevel, who conceived the idea of bringing an offering to Hashem in the first place. Hevel responded that Kayin’s offering was of inferior quality, and that was likely the reason why his offering was refused. Kayin responded, “Les Din V’les Dayan – there is no justice and there is no Ultimate Judge.”


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