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Weekly Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 20

March 4, 2023; 11 Adar, 5783

Parsha Parshas Tetzaveh is the only Parsha in the Torah after the birth of Moshe that does not mention his name. Why does Moshe’s name not appear in this week’s Parsha?

To help us answer the question, let us discuss an interesting Midrash. The Pasuk tells us (Exodus 28:1), “And you, bring close Aharon, your brother, and his sons… to serve as priests for me.” The Midrash Rabbah explains that when Hashem told Moshe to appoint Aharon as the High Priest (Kohein Gadol), he was displeased to a certain degree. Hashem saw his displeasure and responded, “The Torah is Mine, and I have given it to you.” What is Hashem trying to tell Moshe with this response and why was Moshe displeased to begin with? Was Moshe jealous that Aharon was chosen to be the Kohein Gadol instead of him? ...


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