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Weekly Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 29

May 20, 2023; 29 Iyar, 5783

Parsha Rav Shaul Brach ZT”L was the Av Beis Din (Head of the Halachic Court) of the city of Kosice in Slovakia. In his B’Heyos HaBoker he presents an enlightening interpretation of a Midrash Yalkut Shimoni (684).

The Midrash states that the nations of the world were jealous of Klal Yisroel [and complained to Hashem regarding His preferential treatment of them]. Hashem silenced them and said, “Bring to Me your documents of lineage… just as my children are bringing them!” As it says (BaMidbar 1:18) “And they assembled… and they declared their pedigrees according to their families according to their fathers' houses”....


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