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Weekly Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 35

July 8, 2023; 19 Tamuz, 5783

Parsha The second Passuk in this week’s Parsha, states that Pinchas was the son of Elazar who was the son of Aharon HaKohain. Elazar has appeared in prior Pasukim where it was mentioned that he was the son of Aharon. Why is it mentioned again in this week’s Parsha when discussing the lineage of Pinchas?

Rashi cites a Gemorah in Sanhedrim which tells us that the other Shevatim (tribes) were denigrating Pinchas’s killing of Zimri by claiming that his motivations were not pure. They claimed that the emotional force behind Pinchas killing Zimri stemmed from Avodah Zarah (idol worship) that was inherited from his mother’s side who was a descendent of Yisro (who worshiped idols prior to his conversion)...


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