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Weekly Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 15

January 20, 2024; 10 Shevat, 5784 Sponsored anonymously L’Ilui Nishmas Sara Eidel Bas Mordechai

In the beginning of this week’s Parsha, Moshe and Aharon come to Pharoah to warn him of the plague of locusts.  Prior to the warning, they say in the name of Hashem to Pharoah, “…for how much longer will you refuse to submit ‘לֵעָנֹת’ before Me?” (Shemos 10:3)

Rashi explains that the word,”לֵעָנֹת” means “to submit” as we have translated it above.  Rashi explains that,”לֵעָנֹת” is related to the word, “עָנִי” – an impoverished person. In this context, it means that Pharoah had refused to act impoverished, humbled and submissive before Hashem...


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