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Weekly Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 2

October 21, 2023; 6 Cheshvan, 5784

Parsha In this week’s Parsha, we find the Pasuk (11:1) introducing the incident of the Migdal Bavel (Tower of Babel) saying, “Now the entire earth was of [spoke] one language and [spoke] Devarim Achadim.” The simple translation of Dvarim Achadim is “uniform words.” However, the Midrash (Beraishis 38:3) translates it to mean that the people of the generation spoke against a “lone voice.”

Who was this loan voice that they spoke against? The Midrash states that it was Avrohom Avinu and his virtuous messages that they spoke against. They did this by making fun of Avrohom...


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