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Weekly Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 20

February 24, 2024; 15 Adar 1, 5784 Sponsored anonymously L’Ilui Nishmas Sara Eidel Bas Mordechai

Periodically, the Chofetz Chaim would study Torah alone in one of Radin’s neighboring small villages, such as Vashilyshok.  Once, while in Vashilyshok, he sent a letter to his wife who was back in Radin, with one of the wagon drivers who was riding to Radin for the town’s Market Day. The Chofetz Chaim advised the wagon driver that the letter contained a very important message and needed to be delivered to his wife immediately.

The wagon driver thought the letter contained some valuable instructions on how the Chofetz Chaim’s wife should conduct her business affairs during the Market Day in Radin to maximize her profits...


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