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Weekly Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 4

November 4, 2023; 20 Cheshvan, 5784

“And Hashem appeared to him (Avrohom) in the plains of Mamre.” (Bereishis 18:1)

Rashi mentions that the reason why Hashem revealed Himself to Avrohom in the plains of Mamre was because it was Mamre who gave Avrohom advice regarding Hashem’s commandment to circumcise himself and the members of his household. The Daas Z’kainim MiBaalei HaTosfos, addresses the question as to what advice Avrohom was seeking – Hashem commanded him to circumcise himself and his household. Would Avrohom be asking advice on whether he should comply with Hashem’s commandment? He answers that of course Avrohom would readily comply with Hashem’s commandment. The advice that he was seeking was how to convince his household to comply....


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