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Weekly Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2

April 22, 2021; Iyar 10, 5781

Halacha – Jewish Law Question: A buyer purchases merchandise from a store and asks his friend for an opinion of the purchase. Upon examination, the friend believes the buyer overpaid for the merchandise. What should the friend say to the buyer? Answer: The Gemara (Kesuvos 16b-17a) says: “Our Rabbis taught: How do we celebrate and praise a bride? Bais Shammai says we praise her as she is. Bais Hillel says that we tell her that she is a charming and beautiful bride. Bais Shammai said to Bais Hillel, perhaps the bride in question is lame or blind? If so, how would we be able to say that she is beautiful and charming, the Torah says to “distance yourself from falsehood”? Bais Hillel said to Bais Shammai, according to your opinion, if a buyer purchases merchandise that is of poor quality, should the friend denigrate it or praise it? We should praise it, as the Sages say: “A person should seek to get along with people.”...


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