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Weekly Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 18

February 10, 2024; 1 Adar 1, 5784 Sponsored anonymously L’Ilui Nishmas Sara Eidel Bas Mordechai

How does one  become more honest? The answer is that one should practice acts of kindness (Chessed).

In Tehillim 85:11 it states, “kindness and truth meet.” The Asher L’Shmuel in Shaar HaChessed (p. 168) writes that the simple explanation of this verse is that a direct repercussion of engaging in Chessed is the development of the quality of Emes. 

It is also interesting to note that people perceive those that are kind to be honest and trustworthy. In a recent Gallup poll (Dec. 2, 2022), a sample of people were surveyed regarding how much they trusted others in various professions...


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